Mead is truly one of the most versatile drinks around and the possible combinations of flavors is what makes it special. Fruits, Spices, Hops and brewing styles allows us to make new products all year long. At Queen City Meadery, we will strive to bring you the best combinations of flavor we can come up with to always keep you coming back for more….  To start the show, Queen City Meadery will initially focus on a few following styles and will expand as we continue to keep up with demand.

Traditional:  The most basic mead which is just honey and water.  Honey itself can come in many different unique flavors which can really change the profile of any mead.  Orange Blosson, Raspberry, Mesquite, Basswood, Rosemary and Wildflower are a few different types of honey which can greatly change the flavor.   Whatever the bees are pollinating can alter the property of the honey!

Session Mead: Using any combination of the below for flavor, but is typically  only 4%-7% Abv and typically carbonated to provide better mouthfeel and flavor.

Melomel: Melomel is made from honey and any fruit such as Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Blackberry, Cherry or Grapefruit….

Pyment: A pyment is a mead made from the fermentation of a blend of grapes and honey

Metheglin: Metheglin is traditional mead with herbs or spices added. Some of the most common metheglins are ginger, tea, orange peel, nutmeg, coriander, cinnamon, cloves or vanilla.

Acerglyn: A mead made with honey and maple syrup.

Bochet: A mead where the honey is caramelized or burned separately before adding the water. Yields toffee, caramel, chocolate and toasted marshmallow flavors.

Capsicumel: A mead flavored with chilli peppers, the peppers may be hot or mild.

Cyser: A blend of honey and apple juice fermented together

Rhodomel: Rhodomel is made from honey, rose hips, rose petals or rose attar, and water.