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Queen City Meadery, LLC 

290 Center Road 

West Seneca, NY 14224

call (716) 320-0354


Brian Bookmiller (VP of Operations)

Robert Schweizer (VP of Mead Production)

Kenneth Voelker ( VP of Sales and Marketing)

One of the above mentioned owners will be your host and educate your group on the history of Mead and allow you sample the different varieties we offer at QCM. 

  1. Each person will receive 1oz of each of the (4) varieties of Mead that QCM will be featuring on that day.
  2. After the completion of the tasting, each member of your group will be given a 4oz (or) 8oz glass of Mead (4oz for stills, 8oz for sessions).
  3. We will also serve complimentary chocolate and water during this tasting. 
  4. As this will be a closed event for your group; you are welcome to bring food or other snacks that you can share. 
  5. Only alcohol sold on premise will be able to be consumed during the event.

The cost for an event (based on 15 people) will be $100 and should be paid by credit card three days prior to the tasting event. Additional purchases of bottles or glasses can be made during your event.  Each additional person will charged at a rate of $6.00 per person. 

Minimum charge for an event is $100.00 

Private Parties can only be scheduled when Queen City Meadery does not conduct normal business. Sunday 12-5; Monday 6-9 ; Tuesday 6-9 and Wednesday 6-9

The following is a sampling of our tasting menu….the varieties are subject to change based on availability: 


Wildflower Honey, Tart Cherry, Black Currant, Raspberry Mead

ABV – 13% 


Wildflower Honey, Black Currant, Black Cherry, Blueberry Mead 

ABV – 13% 

3.Barrel of Monkeys

Orange Blossom Honey, Strawberry and Banana Mead 

ABV- 13% 

4.I Told You So

Wildflower Honey and Sangiovese Grape Mead 


5.Ebenezer Lemon Squeezer

Orange Blossom Honey, Cold Brewed Iced Tea with Lemon Mead



Wildflower Honey, Blackberry and Szechuan Peppercorn Mead 

ABV- 7.3% 

7.Screaming Wench

Wildflower Honey, Raspberry and Cranberry Mead 

8.Wild Bunch

Wildflower Honey, Cherry, Apple Wine with Ginger Session Mead 

ABV – 7.2%